What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are also known by other names such as inlinks, inbound links, inward links and incoming links. When you look at them, you will see a small part of the content of webpages, even if the applicant decides not to click on the link. These are seen as cropped or magnified section, preview or thumbnail. It is equivalent to the normal hyperlink, which is seen as highlighted and clickable text. When clicked, it will direct you to another website.

The concept is the same with backlinks, but differs in the sense that backlinks can be found on another website, which then leads to the webpage you have made.
Therefore, the word backlink used to describe such a function.

What Backlinks can do?

Search engines take into consideration how many backlinks a webpage has, which also indicates the page’s popularity and quality. They use the same factor to be able to determine the rank of the website in the search. SEO consultants will generally say that backlink, about 75% -80% of the time, is a major factor in the location of the various search engines.

This means for the individual who wants their webpages viewed by several different, that there must be many backlinks that directs to the website to be more attractive to search engines.

The best way to get to grips with this project dealing with building links is to analyze competition. Competition over the Internet is generally violent, and when that create a webpage can be done by almost everyone – especially after so many companies offer this. Building links takes some time, so it is important that you are patient and do not give up easily. What is good about this project is that you are rewarded for all the time and effort you have put into the task to make it successful.

A person or company may also begin to enroll webpagen for reference and discussion forums where you can post articles and create backlinks to webpagen. Reference is available online which is the same as a paper version of the reference books, which are grouped into categories with links that will instruct the user to webpagen.

These directories will usually charge a fee to include your webpage and link to their site, where others will be more expensive. It is advisable to find a reference that is relevant to what is on your webpage.

Concerning Posting of articles, it would be easier if you can find an exciting topic or an interesting article that will catch the eye of users and get them to click on the backlink you have added.

About Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to easily and simple to administer tags (such as. Tracking and marketing optimization tags) on your website. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight and non-Google-tags from the user interface of Google Tag Manager instead of having to edit the website code. This limits the number of mistakes you do not have to involve a webmaster and it allows you to implement tags quickly on your website.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager provides a number of advantages compared to the use of individual tags.

You can add, update and remove tags without changing your HTML. This reduces the risk of error and allows you to implement tags instantly, without the need for help from your webmaster.
Google Tag Manager triggers your tags asynchronously, so your pages load often faster than they would have done with individual tags.
Workflow tools will tell you if your tags function as intended.
It’s easy and simple to see which tags are triggered on your site and where they are released.

How it works:

Google Tag Manager functions through a single tag, called a container snippet of code that you place on all pages of your website. Container code snippet replaces AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight and other tags on your website. You can see a list of all supported tags in Tags. When you add a container snippet to your website, you can update, add and manage tags from your Google Tag Manager account.

Your Google Tag Manager account allows you to manage tags for one or more websites. You can set up multiple Google Tag Manager accounts from a single Google account, but you typically only need one Google Tag Manager account per. business. Read setup and workflow for more information.

The Setup

To manage your tags with Google Tag Manager, you must:

go to google.com/tagmanager to create a Google Tag Manager account (or to access an existing account)
create a container for your website in your account
add container code snippet to your website and remove all existing tags on your website.
You can then add tags to your website through Google Tag Manager user interface. Read setup and workflow for more information.

Try SEOmoz free

SEOmoz is one of the world’s largest providers of tools for search engine optimization (SEO).

The company was already highly successful, having a list of Fortune 500 clients as long as your arm. It had also conducted many split tests on its site. In fact, previous SEOmoz split tests were the subject of 14 pages in an industry “best practices” guide for landing page optimization.

Nevertheless, in the first split test that Conversion Rate Experts conducted for SEOmoz, we generated a 52% improvement in sales. It’s important to note that “we” refers to a team effort between Conversion Rate Experts (with our proven system) and SEOmoz (with its solid products and a bias toward action).

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Keyword Analysis – use the right keywords

Keyword AnalysisWith a keyword analysis you ensure that it is the right keywords you are working on, and thus the right words to appear on, when a user enters a search phrase in the search engines.

This scenario is a very classic example of a clear kommunikationsgap, vendor and customer from: Seller has a name of its service or performance, perhaps a technical term, but the customer looking for something completely different. Often business owners so entrenched in their own business, they do not even consider that some people do not know their products and services and do not use the official technical term when speaking about them if they do.

How to make a keyword analysis?

There are a variety of tools to sort, but most importantly is that you not only attacking verticals, go for it called longtail ketywords, keywords are not top generic.

A concatenation of several words or phrases provide a focused inquiry, which also buys much more in buy mode. Now more specific search a user keys, now longer is he in the purchasing process and now more chance there is thus a conversion.

Do not solely for trophy keywords

Trophy keywords as they are called, for example, words such as clothes, can true generate a large amount of visitors, but the user who enters this query will be far from a final decision. In addition, it requires huge resources to lift themselves up in the search results of one such word.

This will in most cases be many times that rewarding to work in 10 different longtail keywords as a top generic ones!


Penguin update – Google Webspam algorithm has been given a name

Google has now given the latest webspam algorithm, which was published this year an official name, it is dubbed Penguien, this algorithm should not be confused with the last Panda update that also are running, its function is designed to target pages that are not spam, but not of high quality.

Google change regularly on its algorithms, it is the way it interprets and weighs the websites it indexes and displays in search results on a given search.

There are many factors that are considered for when ranking a website takes place, for example. page titles, page content, internal links and coherence between them, this combined with external links that link into the website with relevant anchor text and descriptions. On external links, the quality of the website included in the overall score and ranking.

Google reports now officially called off
Several may remember when Google launched Panda update. This update was initially known as Farmer Update, until officially named Panda.

Since the last update came out Tuesday went under the name webspam algorithm, which now bears his name Penguien.

Penguien is now fully deployed and discussed extensively in many SEO forums, some have lost their positions, while others have had better rankings.

So a good advice for you if you are unsure whether you have been hit, is to look at your website traffic from 24 april onwards, it is during this period Penguien is rolled out in different data centers.

Is it a big drop in traffic, then you are probably hit by Penguien and if your traffic has increased, so did you get an advantage of the update.

Google points out that this update is an automatic correction and algorithm change that is not a question of people who have gone through pages manually and discarded them.

It will be interesting to work with this algorithm in SEO work the next time where to be tested by various websites, so there can be optimized for good rankings on Google with the new algorithm.

There is no doubt which way Google goes with the new update, they want to opt-out pages they describe as pages with no significant value for users, so there is nothing else than to be aware of this when writing lyrics and performed SEO on a website. Quality must reach the content on the website.

It is not the last algorithm change that comes from Google, make sure that.

Broken Link Checker – Check for dead links

Dead links are annoying, but slightly less annoying when they are crossed.

But did you know that it also damages your review in Google?

Broken Link Checker will not check for links to sites with malware, etc. It is also important to check. Again for the sake of Google, but even more for the sake of your users. It is not certain that they think nicer on your site if they have picked up malware via one of your links!

I’ve spent Janis Elsts’ Broken Link Checker for WordPress from day one on the WordPress platform.

Broken Links Checker has a variety of settings. New links are checked as soon as possible, while old checked at regular intervals, which you can define yourself.

You can even determine the CSS for dead links.

You can specify if there are words to be used to check for whether links should not be checked.

You can specify if you own fields to be included when Broken Link Checker works.

There are also a few advanced settings such. time-out that it may be necessary to increase, for example. if you have a slow provider.


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Check your outgoing links before Google does

When you link to something from your website or blog, you risk both reward and punishment at Google (and with your readers.)
Outbound links to good relevant sites are well.
Outgoing dead links is a problem.
Outbound links to bad neighborhoods is a major problem.

The above applies to both your readers and for Google and other search engines. You can be rewarded or punished depending on what you are linking to.

Let’s look at how you can easily check for dead links and what bad neighborhoods are, and how to check that you are not linking to them without knowing it!

What IS bad neighborhood links?

I’ll save you a full explanation of what a bad neighborhood link is. Let’s try to keep it simple.
A bad neighborhood for your readers is, for example links to sites with malware, trojans, viruses etc. It could also be sites that are not what they purport to be and who will forward you to the combined offer of lower strength pills and delicious lady websites. Anything you do not want to expose your readers to fall into this category.
For search engines is a bad neighborhood about the same. It may also include pages with cloaking and other violations of the guidelines for each search engine.
If you link to bad neighborhoods can cost you dearly in both true search engines and readers’ perception of you, so we must have the dirt removed as soon as possible:
Remember that you can not know if you link to a bad neighborhood right now, without examining it. The problem is simple: You have no control over the pages that you link out to. They can be altered by their owners or become contaminated with dirt for hacking etc. Since you made the link was all fine, but today, the cases may seem different.

Get Free Backlinks for you site

Backlinks are incoming links to your website and is considered by many SEO experts as the most important factor in website ranking in search engines’ lists. Search engines are seeing isa link to a favorable vote on the content of your website.

GoogleYahoo, Bing and all the other search engines perceive thus links as a recommendation of your website on a given word (the title / anchor text the link). You should therefore make you best when you are doing link building and ensuring that there is consistency between the link and the content on your website.

At Backlinker.me you get a recommendation for the best kind. You get: a direct link and alsoyou can add up to three deep links. Backlinker.me also makes no use of redirects or nofollow – just search engine friendly links and all pages are manually checked before being approved.

Read more about link building here or about articles bait.

Link Bait Articles

One thing is to write a good article, publish it on his blog and then follow the article on life. Another thing is to get his articles published elsewhere. Most guides to link building gives the advice that you should write articles and then stops here. The Council is still okay, but there are some practical challenges.

Write a blog post, uhh … on what?
About something that both interests you and is relevant to your business. I spend much of my time to write articles and have no trouble finding subjects are often the subjects bound and thus more challenging. Writing is something to be learned and practice is the way forward. If you are unsure about what you write is good enough, so read it carefully and if you’re happy, then it is good enough! Always do yourself a favor and run the text through a spell checker, for example. Word misspellings are often annoying and pulls down the overall picture and the opportunities that exist for spelling, there is no excuse not to.

There are always subjects for blog posts. You should not write articles about your goods, you should write articles about what they’re made of, how produced, the product’s history, how it is used, anyone can use it what it used to, and anything that might be relevant. Think of the goods into the consumer context, they are sustainably produced, they are healthy, they can be reused, etc. Can the product be used in conjunction with others, to play, for community, for contemplation ‘. The possibilities are endless.

As I said, it requires practice to write good lyrics, there are plenty of good advice to get to write good headlines, getting text to float, using storytelling, using humor or provocation, so spend some time reading some of These articles and experiment. Steven King’s best advice to new writers is: Write! So do not hesitate, it gets easier with time.

One thing is to write articles, a second is then to use these to link building. When you publish an article on his blog, it gives some links from RSS directories and possibly a few from others and that’s fine. Rome was not brewed in a day.

As you build up your blog in terms of links and in terms of reputation, you will continue to receive links. That’s why we always recommend that you put the blog on the same domain as your shop.

From here there are two possibilities that can easily be run in parallel, that you become so good at writing your articles become link bait (link bait), which attracts a lot of links, or that you get your articles published on other blogs. Being able to produce proper link bait belongs to the very severe end and also requires knowledge of PR and viral marketing. Being able to publish his articles (with links to his own shop or blog) is more accessible.

When you are on your own blog has shown that you can write good articles, is guest blogging a good way to move on. You can contact the other relevant blogs and hear whether they will accept an article you write, or you can sign up for services that mediate contact between author and publisher. It is a requirement that you are allowed to link to yourself in the article. That way you get a good link and the blog you write on get some good content. It is always an assessment of an article is best suited for publishing on your own blog (link bait should always be published on own blog), or whether one considers that a good link is better.

The above is hard and serious work and it takes long time to build links, but it works and is stable and future-proof because it is properly done.

Read more about link building here.

Backlinks – How to get good backlinks

As soon as you start working with search engine optimization is also touched on the concept of backlinks. Backlinks or inbound links, are the links that other websites have to your website. These links can be seen as recognition of one’s content on the website.

If you have good content, there are far more likely someone else will link to it.
The difficulty of backlinks is basically to get them.
If, as mentioned above, good content is a good chance of it, but what if it still does not help? So one must use other methods.

Link Catalogs
Link Catalogs are always good as long as it is not spam catalogs or other stuff which most of the network gradually composed. Good link directories, for example. Dmoz.org or list as Grosen Friis points out in his commentary on the article SEO guide.

Comments in blogs / forums
Participate actively in discussions around online, and links in your comments or signature to your website. Make sure you check for nofollow tags before you go to war.

Buy Links
Well if you can not do otherwise, one can always find the cash back and get started. Make sure the links you are buying from good websites. This means websites with a good PageRank, websites that do not use nofollow tag on your link, websites where you decide the link text and possible. title tag in too. And not to forget, websites that have good traffic even now – if you absolutely must spend money, so you might as well get a lot of traffic in the bargain.
Press Releases
If you have something sensible to say, write a press release and make sure all the major recipient. The press release provides you obviously a lot of links to your articles on your website. If the press release is good enough, you’ll certainly some backlinks out of it.

Write articles
Content is gold. Further, it is not. If you want inbound links you have to out and work. Find your niche / interest and write about it in a away. However, ensure that your interest is also interesting for others if you have written some good articles that may turn out to be heated discussions out, you’re 99% sure to get good backlinks out of it. And then it’s just your time you pay for it, and not your hard-earned tax money.

Read more about backlinks on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backlink